Nano/Micro house

Another application of C-Sense is within a Nano/Micro house. The same innnovative product only with additional modules to be able to control everything within a (small) house.

It offers the same ease of use controlling all aspects of your Nano or Micro house. All functions can be controlled from an app or on the touch screen inside.

Some of the new options for this application are the control of smart electronic locks and the power usage of the appliances within the house. This enables to have the same comfort using a limited current supply.

Set the language of the display.

View the realtime current usage as well as the total amount of power and water used.

Control the temperature of the different heaters/zones in the house.

Monitor the outside temperature and barometer.

Control light intensity of multiple zones inside and outside.

View the status of the different appliances and smoke sensor.

Show the QR code and scan with your phone to open the app.

Page which can only be opened with a pin-code to set different administrator options of the house.